Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ACTIVITY 00100001 - How we got this name...

We are taking some time to create an identity to the club. As a first step, we have worked on naming the club. Every member of the group was asked to suggest names. Amazingly, We had received 61 unique names. Then it was a tough task to choose one. Shaun came up with an arithmetic to solve the task. we rolled out a voting method. It did work. Thats how we have this new name now "Xpozd"

It is worth putting few words on the type of names we had received. There are unique ones, like this one "chaya" very indian and really relates to experience of colors and expressions. There are few familiar ones atleast when we think in the context of photography like FOTO, images, Colors, Click, Mind's eye, Shutterspace. In the end it was Xpozd took most of the votes.

I liked it is little mischievious...little creative...and relates to photography. So ya everyone is happy about it.(is there anyone hurt???? hi hi...cant help it...)

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