Monday, July 13, 2009

Activity 000100002 - Branding exercise - deadline 20th july


As per our discussions earlier, we will do an extensive(kind of...:-)) branding exercise for Xpozd...the following are the required items...
"Logo, slogan, and design elements associated to it like color codes etc"
the logo wat we see in the blog is only a tentative...for the time sake stuff ...we have to do a better one...i am attaching the mission statement of Xpozd...lemme knw if there is any is also in its own evolving stage(inputs are welcome!!!)...but we can keep this as a basis for our branding work...
"To experience and expose the world through compelling visuals"
Learn, Explore and Exhibit

let this be a competition...there was a gud response for the naming let this be a similar one...with lots of enthusiasm...:-)
Submission : keep posting things in the blog...hence somebody can comment and hence ur concept can evolve r u can send it by mail as well...
We try to get this done on r before july 20th so tat we can present this in the DGM on 28th(i guess this is the date)

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